Saturday, June 16, 2012

Singing Naked in the Church Choir...An Introduction to my Sister

No big news today. We have the RV out for a short weekend getaway at a campground. I'm relaxing in my quiet RV enjoying the silence and taking the chance to write while my husband catches a swim.

We have to take advantage of these weekends when they present themselves because my husband works every weekend and now that I work at a bank I get every weekend off. I work days and he works nights. We communicate through a  notebook chore list on the kitchen table. He managed to get this weekend off because they are playing the cut your hours down to nothing game where he works. For a long time he had 50 hours, when the new owners took over there was no more over time so it dropped to 38 to 40. Then there was a pay cut and now he has 23 hours. It's lucky I found full time employment when I did. Oh well, enough grumbling, something will turn up. Things always fall into place.

I decided to veer off the frugal path and do something completely different today. I'd like to introduce my sister.  I won't give away her age because she is sensitive about that but our ages are so separated that she could have been the mother. ;) She claims she likes to be described as a woman of indeterminate age. My parents raised four children in one state and then moved and accidentally had me. When they describe their childhood it is completely different than the one I had. They had a different environment and lifestyle. It's strange how that turned out.

My sister is definitely a people person. She has a huge bright smile and wherever she goes strangers gather around to hear her stories. She gets invited to all sorts of gatherings, churches, red hat society luncheons, amputee support groups. Several individuals have told her she is inspirational but she doesn't believe so herself.

She has had her share of problems, diabetes, car wreck, amputation, heart bypass surgery... Throughout it all she gathers her mishaps and failings and oddities and shares her stories. She even managed to have a group of friends and family laughing at our nephews funeral. I do not have the same gifts she has.

My sister was very active in her church and she loved singing in the choir. One day she was rehearsing with the choir on a hot and muggy day. It was terribly hot combined with an air conditioner that was on the fritz and my sisters poor health. She kept wiping at the sweat and complaining of feeling faint. Someone in the group suggested that she go to the restroom and remove her clothes and put the full length long sleeved choir robe back on. After wiping at her sweat a few more minutes she decided  to try it.

The church filled and they were half way through with their service when the minister said, "You know what, it's unbearably hot. You guys don't have to keep those heavy robes on. Go ahead and take them off."

Everyone refused and suffered through the rest of the service. You see, the entire choir knew my sister was naked under her robe.


  1. LOL...the one time my church forced me into the choir, I took off all but my bra and panties and came out to the choir. Some of the women asked me why my clothes were in the bathroom. I was a very hot 23-yr-old, hot natured, I mean. Pretty soon all the men were figuring it out. The whole church was scandalized and my preacher ex was perturbed but understanding.

    I am so glad your life has taken the turns you worked for so hard and so long.

  2. Oh, this story is hilarious! How do you like the RV weekends?

  3. LOL about your sister! She does sound like a character.
    Glad to hear from you again so soon. Also, glad to hear that you and your hubby are getting some enjoyment from your RV.

  4. That is hilarious! She sounds like a kick.

  5. How funny! Love funny stories in the morning. Jump starts my days. Glad to hear you and your husband are able to spend the weekend with an RV trip.

  6. It's not only hilarious, it is also heart-warming.