Saturday, March 20, 2010

Time...Never Enough

Here I am at one in the morning dashing out something. I have been receiving more hours due to extra training for another position at work and I also get called in quite often when others call out for their shifts. I'm in debt and saving for a future move so I might as well get as many hours as possible. I don't mean to let the hours worked take a toll on my blog. I really do have every intention of daily posts, I just feel so physically drained every day that I don't always keep up.

Another thing I hardly do anymore is visit friends who live nearby. I have a good friend that lives in the next county and I haven't seen her in ages. My husband and I have family in the same county and we never get together. My life is becoming all about work, I need to make some changes.

Anyone else out there feel as if they are owned by a corporation and their private life is slipping away?


  1. Don't feel pressured to post every day. I started out that way and quickly realized it wasn't going to work with my job and family obligations.

    So, I just set up a schedule that works for me.

  2. Thank you, I need help controlling my guilt sometimes. :)

  3. Absolutely don't feel guilty, I like to post everyday but only if I have something of value to say. (It only took me three years to come to that conclusion, when I started out my blog was a place to vent so I did - regularly.)

    That means I do go dark once in a while, for a few days at a time.

    When I was going to school + working full time, I never had a free moment ... I feel like I lost 4 years of my life and a college experience that way. And then I segued into a job working up to 60+ hours per week and did *that* for four years. I'm surprised I still have friends, some days!

    Good luck, sometimes you just need to make small changes to fulfill both your needs.

  4. Thank you Revanche, I feel so much better now.