Thursday, February 24, 2011

Funny How Things Work Out

Still busy, but I'm able to see things falling into place around here. The mold has lost the battle and the dust is slowly subsiding. The library is busy sorting the two carload donation and the local thrift shop is busy pricing their new items. Soon I will be able to sit and write in my home with no distractions, um well, that was until I received a phone call today. Things are changing again.

I was doing all of this extra cleaning and organizing, first because I let some of the regular chores go too long, and second because I knew there were changes ahead for me. We have an empty nest and the economy is bad. I was looking forward to a move and a new job. I wanted a new state and new opportunities.

My son asked to come home for a few months so he cold save towards getting his own apartment. We told him we'd be glad to have him and he has been dropping by before or after work to clean and move his stuff into the extra bedroom little by little. He bought new curtains yesterday, and tomorrow he will help me clean the carpets.

My eldest daughter has asked before if she could stay with us but has always changed her mind. This time her lease was up and she hadn't found work and she finally had enough. Ten minutes after I spoke with her my brother called me for a recipe. When I told him the news he immediately volunteered to drive up to get her. He was able to take a few days off on short notice and leaves in four days.

Now on top of completing all of my cleaning projects I have to get the house baby proofed in a few days. My daughter has to pick through an entire house of belongings and pick just a few bags and boxes of the most important bits that she can shove in the back of a small hatchback car and leave all the rest. We have our work cut out for us.

I have to rearrange my house and my thinking. I just bought two big office chairs. I was going to just keep them at the kitchen table since I usually do my writing there. Sticky fingers however, will ruin them, so I have to move them to the bedroom if I can fit them. I also have to clear the bottom book shelves, place the knife block out of reach, and make sure no cleaning supplies are on lower shelves anywhere.

Goodbye empty nest and hello recession style living. There will soon be four adults and a baby in a two bedroom home. There is a possibility that the youngest may have to come back as well. We can make it work, we just have to be organized and thrifty. We also have to communicate often and well.


  1. Wow, I just found your blog yesterday and I have to say it's among the best I've read so far. I am a licensed clinical social worker and happy to be employed but your blog so accurately describes what so many of my client s are experiencing daily. Your postings on the need for health insurance reform really touched a nerve. I so support this and the need is so great, yet I am appalled by others who so vociferously denounce this as "socialism" when it's a basic need. I have 2 adult children, one of whom just moved out 7 mos. ago after moving back in with us after hitting a rough patch. Neither he, my daughter or son in law had health insurance until Obama passed the healthcare law which allows my son and daughter to be added to my policy until they turn 26. I am SO grateful for this! At any rate, I will continue to follow your excellent blog! Best of luck to you.

  2. WP: great post and, as you note, "hello recession style living!" Here's to success for you.

  3. Life can change on a dime, huh?

    Well, I know that with your CAN DO attitude and resourcefulness you will make a successFULL nest for your baby chicks!

    I'm glad you got some downsizing done before the crowd came along!

    Glad you are back to posting; we miss your pragmatic view of life when you can't get to the blog!

    Mother Connie

  4. I understand how you feel. We have reverse empty nest, my mom moved in with us last year because my fathers illness took such a toll on her finances before he died. So now we have 2 in college(coming home for break, I in highschool, me, my husband and my mom.

    Funny thing is I ownn my grandparents house, and this house has been multigenerational since 1941.

    One good thing, at least you got rid of most of the stuff already


  5. Oh, I remember these years. For a period of 5-6 years, various of our 8 combined children were moving in and out. When we finally realized that we were truly on our own, we looked at each other and wondered, "what now?"

  6. I've been thinking about multi-generational living--though, as with most things (like frugality), by choice is better than by necessity. However, I think more and more families will embrace this as it makes so much sense.

  7. Our situation is very similar. My husband and I live in a small town in North Dakota where jobs are plentiful, unlike a lot of places. Our daughter (22) and her son (2) have moved in with us. She is finishing her high school diploma and is working full time, saving money and waiting for an apartment to open up. Her husband will move here to join her at that point. At the same time this was happening our son decided he hated college and wanted to move back home. So within an approximately two week time period we went from 2 adults to 4 adults and 1 toddler in a 1200 square foot house. It is working well, we have had some trials as will always happen but I wouldn't trade being able to help them for anything.

  8. tmbf57, thank you so much for your kind words. You are right, health care is a basic need not a luxury.

    April, thank you. Things always fall into place.

    Connie, I am so glad I got some tidying accomplished too. This wasn't the change I was imagining but it will work.

    Judy, so wonderful you have the family home and can carry on such a loving tradition. It's only been two days so far this time for me and everything is working out fine.

    Terri, if only we didn't have to work so often we could have enjoyed our brief empty nest even more.

    Frugalscholar, it works if you are organized and frugal and communicate well and often. So far so good.

    ND Life, I don't know the sguare footage of our little rental but we do have the four adults and one two year old combo just like you. I loved the empty nest but I also love being able to help. I particulary enjoy cooking meals for grown children that have been away from home. They came back with requests for all the meals they missed when away. Matter of fact, my daughter called me while she was on her way down to ask me when I would be making French toast.