Saturday, January 18, 2014

Update Continued

     This is what happened. We could have repaired the roof of the RV if we could have come up with a spare eight thousand dollars. I gave up. We sold it for less than a fourth of what we paid for it and cut our losses. Someday perhaps we will have another opportunity but for now the dream is dead.

     For now as we have for the past year, we go to work, we cook dinner, we stress over the bills and then we do it all again the following day. Days are full of racing to get everyone to work, the grandson to pre-k, the bills paid on time. It's all about schedules and things that have to be done. Sometimes everbodies schedules clash. It's life and it's exhausting.

     This will be a very short post as the library is closing. It may be short and thrown together, but it does mean that I have blogged two Saturdays in a row.



  1. I am sorry things are so hard for you and me. I do understand the days of sameness and worry.

  2. Hi. I like reading your blog. I'm glad you started writing it again. Amanda

  3. Thank you everyone. It is so wonderful to be back!