Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My True Confession

Our Earth needs protection. We manufacture so much crap that it's polluting our planet at an alarming rate.

Recycling is very important to my family and it's fairly easy to do. We rinse all of our plastic jugs and jars, glass containers, and tin and aluminum cans. We store them all together in boxes in the garage until we drop them off at the recycling center on our way to work about once a week. We even keep a garbage can for mixed paper recycling. It is lined with a net laundry bag and topped with a shredder. Junk mail is shredded and cereal boxes, used notebook paper, grocery receipts and etc...go in the bag.

We are so careful and conscientious about this that some people think we are insane. My own sister says, "If they want me to play with my garbage, they can pay me."

I'm proud of my recycling and now must confess to something that may shock you. When I found shower curtains at the dollar store, I quit washing them as often. I buy several for $1.00 each and put them in the cabinet. When they get too dirty, I yank the old one off and toss it in the garbage quicker than you can say Earth Day hypocrite.

Now...do you think less of me?


  1. No, I think you've found a solution that works for the shower curtain liners. Those things are so hard to clean up when they get full of soap scum!

    I'll start looking for them at the dollar store now. I've been buying them for about $5 each at Kmart since that was the cheapest I could find.

  2. You ARE to be commended for your saving-the-earth actions. I too do so but not nearly as much as you. You have given me some good tips. Thanks. Soda and Borax is great for removing soap scum, dirt, grease, ad infinitum. I make my own laundry detergent, which works very well and unbelievably cheap. Recipes online galore.
    PS Who cares whether we are considered "nutcases"? I've been called worse.