Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stumbling Upon Savings

Our electric company has decided that they need to raise their rates by about 30% during a time when many community members are unemployed. I was shocked when I received my bill and it was double the usual. I called to see if it was a mistake. I thought they read the meter wrong, sent me my neighbors bill, or even worse someone was plugging a drop cord into an outlet late at night and stealing electricity. When they assured me there was no mistake I began to worry how I was going to keep up with the increasing bills.

One week later, something happened. My dryer broke. I pulled out the switch that I was fairly certain was the problem. I called around and found it would cost about $50.00 to replace but there were no returns if that wasn't the problem. in the meantime I started hanging my laundry to dry.

When I received the next bill with a savings of $100.00 I gave up on getting the dryer fixed for now. The little bit of extra work I do now is worth the savings to me.

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