Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm Visiting Today

I wrote a guest post today over at Food Stamps Cooking Club. Before I describe the site I'll tell you how I stumbled upon it.

When I first started this endeavor I was visited by another blogger who runs Monroe on a Budget a frugal living blog sponsored by the Monroe Evening News in Monroe Michigan. This may be a local blog but the news items and tips can be of help to anyone on a budget. The site is a very professional, well done and updated frequently.

Visit Monroe on a Budget

Along the side of Monroe on a Budget's blog there is an impressive long list of links. That's where I found a delightful blog written by Mother Connie that focuses on food, news, and healthy eating for those on really tight budgets. It is titled Food Stamps Cooking Club. I was deeply honored when she asked me to write a guest post, and that's where I am today.

Please visit Food Stamp Cooking Club.


  1. Yes, my dear, there you are, big as Guffy, for all the world to see! And boy, are we tickled to have you there.

    I always think that when we "happen" onto something that tickles our fancy it might could be a God thing. It's almost as if God is whispering in our ear.

    Whatever it was, I'm very happy we sit in one another's circle. You are a dear and precious one and I'm thrilled we have one another to share this uphill climb!

    Mother Connie

  2. You are so sweet!

    Yes there are a lot of voices in frugal living. I think we all feed off each other (even when we aren't joking about dinner menus).