Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sick Day

Going to work sick is a normal part of my life as it is for many of the working poor. When there is no health insurance or sick pay, you just keep going. Last week I kept going but it got too bad when I caught the flu or a cold or whatever it was. I had to call out one day.

This week I received a check for $199.00 and I needed to deposit $196.00 in the bank so I would have the $575.00 needed for rent. Now I'm paying for having that one sick day. I'm not asking for pity, I do have some savings I can turn to in an emergency, and all my other bills are paid for now. It's just a huge nuisance to have three dollars til payday.

My optimism has gone out the window here lately. There was a restaurant hiring and I was sure my husband would be hired with his experience. We weren't expecting one awkward interview over the phone and a negative response. So it looks as if we are sticking with these part time jobs for now, and just scraping by.

Every time I am feeling under the weather and think of calling out I add up the hours of the day in question and multiply them by my hourly wage. I imagine I am picking up my check and it is forty or sixty dollars short. I then figure up how many bills will be due to see if I can afford to be sick. This time I felt horrible. There was no figuring involved.


  1. My goodness, I just read your post and I am once again reminded how blessed I am to have sick days. I'm sorry you guys are having such a hard time lately. I'll be praying that your husband lands a job soon, and hopefully, one he likes. Feel better and I just want you to know that I think you are a very strong person. And kudos for having an emergency fund.

  2. WP: this hurts to read. I know the feeling and I know that awful sense of "there was no figuring involved." I once read a sentence that someone who is poor can tell you exactly how much money he/she has because it is so little and every cent of it is all so important.

    You hang in there.

  3. It's enough to make you sick all over again, huh, love?

    Well, if it's any comfort, please know that there is a merry band of blog visitors out here who are supporting you by popping in on your posts, listing you on their prayer lists and riding in the same kind o boat as you.

    Be strong. Be patient. Be well.

    I love you.

    Mother Connie

  4. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the comments. :)

  5. I'm sorry you're feeling so ill, and so strapped. Allow me to join the others in sending my sympathies, plus some virtual chicken soup.