Saturday, March 26, 2011

Line Skippers and Other Angry Folk

Why are so many shoppers so ridiculously angry? They hate it that one person is in line ahead of them, they hate it that the prices are not the same as they were in 1973, they hate it that we don't employ enough people so we can follow them about and cater to their every whim, and sometimes they really just hate me.

I know enough not to allow their anger to spill over and ruin my day. I'm pleasant and I just laugh it off. I can endure anything for five to ten minutes. Roll your eyes, grunt, and insult the other shoppers or the employees all you want it won't affect my mood. If that is what you've been trying to do you've failed miserably. But you just enjoy your gloom and doom. You do enjoy it don't you? I mean that must be why you do it. Why else would you wallow in a bad mood like that day in and day out?

I seem to be having all the angry people all at once. Maybe they are more tense because living is getting more difficult for them at the end of the month, and perhaps they are just simply mean spirited people.

Several people have tried skipping in line this week. Some have said they didn't know there were others in line and others have said that they were in a big hurry or had somewhere very important to be. Why do you go shopping in the first place if you know you have an appointment on the other side of town in ten minutes?

I was waiting on a lady today. She had one simple and short request. She forgot her coupon and needed a refund. It only took a moment but the man behind her slammed his groceries on the counter and cussed. He looked at her again and rolled his eyes and cussed some more. I rang him up quickly and without comment. As he was leaving he decided to insult the previous customer some more by saying, "That lady was way too old to be trying to dress so young." She looked properly clothed to me. He was just looking for something to hurl out there and that was the best he could do.

Speaking of dressing, there are always interesting wardrobe choices in a grocery store. Many, many people shop in their pajamas. One lady came in and did her weeks worth of shopping in orange fluffy slippers, bright red pajama bottoms, and a yellow tshirt that said "Insane Asylum" across the front in bold letters. She topped her ensemble with a thick pink terry cloth bathrobe. She's worn that outfit a few times.

I was working as a cashier the other day and noticed several of my regulars from the service counter were choosing my line to purchase their groceries. I've been exclusively on the counter for a few months now and it was nice to have a change of pace. One of my regulars with a concerned look leaned forward lowered her voice and asked, "You didn't get demoted did you?" It's also really nice when someone has your back.

I have one more day to go before a much needed day off. I feel completely drained, utterly exhausted. I'm looking forward to getting more done around the house and figuring out something fun to do as well.

I'll leave you with this until next time: There is nothing cuter than a two year old in a diaper, his belly decorated with barnyard animal stickers, strutting down the hallway in a pair of high heels.


  1. I've both waited tables and worked retail and I never want to work with the general public again. I personally think if everyone had to work with the public once in their lives they'd be a lot nicer. I'm glad you don't let it affect your mood. I wasn't always successful in that area.

  2. I wonder how people like that man live with themselves.

  3. I am the first to say that the old adage about "any job is better than no job" would not apply to me if the job were to be having any dealings with the general public. Sorry, most of them are rude at best, ignorant at worst. I'd rather go on the dole.

  4. We had a spate of newspaper stories here in the UK last year poking fun (and being generally outraged) at people shopping in their pjs. The phase kind of passed and now I think you'd be laughed out of the place if you tried to do it. One very big supermarket chain (Tesco) banned it all together, which is good. Another chain, Asda (which is owned by Walmart) doesn't allow male shoppers inside without a shirt on the rare days it's warm enough here. Thank goodness says I - it doesn't bear thinking about.

    K xx

  5. I can only imagine what you contend with both as a cashier and at the service desk. Long lines are useful for learning patience. I seem to have a knack for selecting the slowest moving lines. It would be an interesting study to see how customers moods change over the course of a month or on a full moon.

  6. Next time you see the lady with the "Insane Asylum" t-shirt, ask her where she got it. I could sure use one.
    Second, did you take a pic of your grandson in the high heels? I'm sure he'd like to see it when he gets older. ;OD

  7. This post right here highlights why I always try to be nice to any customer service people I come in contact with. I have to say though, some people in customer service could use a real attitude adjustment too.

  8. Anissa.Lynette I think everyone whould be required by law to work at least two weeks in a restaraunt or a store.

    Bucksome, people have no patience even when they really have no reason to be in a hurry.

    Anonymous, you just have to do what you have to do.

    Keshling, hmm, I think I need to move.

    Terri, I have spoken with police officers that really believe in the full moon theory. They say it gets much busier around that time.

    Catseye, I'm a bad grandma right now because I don't have a camera. Thanks for the reminder.

    Jenny's Vegcafe, you are so right. There is another side to the story too. I've seen some people working with the public that should never come in contact with other human beings ever.