Monday, May 2, 2011

Everyone Has an Opinion

I watched TLC's "Extreme Couponing" with my daughter a few weeks ago. We were both amazed. My daughter thought it would be fun to do this and donate giant stockpiles to food banks. This caused me to picture her in a green hat with a jaunty feather and tights laughing as she carelessly tossed bags in an overladen cart, a sort of modern day grocery store Robin Hood.

After watching this show I kept thinking I would write a blog post about this because it was so bizarre. Many of you have watched before and beat me to it.

I do use coupons myself. I get some terrific deals and sometimes even come home with free products. I only buy what I will use before it expires. I don't buy stuff just because I can get it for free. If an item is free but I don't use it, I don't need it.

I don't have to write anymore about this as many of you have already done the work. Like De-ette, I couldn't help but picture some of the shows participants as future guests on the Hoarders show.

Fabulous & Frugal

Pamela had many of the same ideas. She wrote about a woman on the show who bought a huge stockpile of diapers for a baby she hadn't yet conceived.

Feral Homemaking

Judy noticed that many of the items promoted with coupons were not the healthiest option.

We May be Poor but We Are Happy

Sharon also saw the Hoarders connection. She has fancy videos to illustrate her post. :)

Midlife Mom Musings

Being a professional, Donna Freedman had inside information. She reminds us that producers look for exciting images and sometimes leave out part of the story for more dramatic television viewing. Read her post for the other side of the story.

Surviving and Thriving

Paula reminds us to collect our coupons in an ethical manner. Stop pestering that newspaper delivery person!

Monroe on a Budget

Some seem to think that the manufacturers and retailers are going to place restrictions on coupon use because of this show. I work in retail and I was unaware of a way to get credit for coupons that weren't actually used. Jill Cataldo explained why gang cut coupons are a problem.

Jill Cataldo

I don't know if a TLC show will have that much of an effect on sales policies in stores. After all, not everyone has rushed out to add members to their household after watching Sister Wives.


  1. This just started showing in the UK last night and I posted about it. What an eye-opener! You just don't get that sort of couponing experience here.

    K xxx

  2. LOL. I love the sister wives comment. But its so true I watched the first couple of episodes hoping to learn something. But truthfully I dont think they have much to teach us.


  3. Hey... I posted on the wrong article, but really wanted to thank you again for the mention and for your support.
    Have a Fabulous & Frugal Day!!!!

  4. Thanks for the link love! I've been talking about coupons off and on all along. They're one of, although not my only, grocery trick.

    But the TLC show has obviously ramped up the interest in coupons - and the chatter is taking a lot of different directions, as you point out from this list of topics.

  5. I do coupons only (only) when it is an item we use. I haven't seen the show (because I don't watch TV) but have seen it discussed on other blogs, including seeing video snippets, and my comments are always the same: (a) a lot of the coupons are for processed food items that we tend not to eat; and (b) life is too short to spend hours and hours clipping coupons. I look for other ways in which to save $$.

  6. I use coupons from time to time. Why not? But some of these women are real nut jobs. Who has the room?

  7. This show obviously caught many peoples' eyes! I love all the comments...thanks for the shout out! :)!

    I may have to give up couponing all together, as I'm trying to eat a whole lot healthier. There are very few coupons for healthy foods, that's for sure.

  8. Thanks for the shout-out!

    I like stocking up when there's a sale (I'm so glad I have the room to do so and have a deep freeze) but a big reason why I do it is that I hate shopping. So I use up what I have and stock up within reason when there's another sale.