Monday, September 26, 2011

Well, There is Actually More to the Story

When youngest came back home she was pregnant and due on October 31st. I thought I would have more time to write about this,  but she went into early labor and has been at the hospital for the last three days.

They have given her three different medications to stop the contractions. The first didn't do much, the second made her sick, and the third has slowed them down a bit. She is four centimeters dilated and they are trying to keep the baby in her as long as possible. That paired with her not really noticing when the contractions occur means she will stay in the hospital until she gives birth.

The first few days I was off from work and able to spend most of my time at the hospital. Today my husband and I both had to work and I felt awful for not being able to be there for her, even though she is feeling better now. Luckily other family and friends took turns visiting and she was never alone for long. I work early tomorrow morning and then I will spend most of the night in the hospital with her. I am filled with worry, and I really  miss sleep.


  1. Kids! I hate this for you and her. Maybe she actually is not that early. Maybe it is time or closer to her time than doctors thought. Is it a boy or girl she is expecting? Get your sleep. You are no help if you are ill yourself. At least, there is financial help for the baby and her through govt programs. I suppose she is going to keep the baby or you would not have mentioned it. There would be no recriminations from me, no matter what she decided. How old is she? Thankfully, I have never been faced with your problem. If the baby needs diapers, you do know there are programs to get them free and formula or whatever? If not, write me at my email address on my blog. Get some sleep.

  2. So sorry to hear about the premature labor, hoping all will be well with your daughter and newest grandbaby. It's a blessing to have a group of family and friends to help out and keep your daughter company. And I agree with PP, try not to skip sleep. Your daughter and grandbaby will need you the most when they come home. I admire your fortitude, positive attitude and common sense. You are very wise. Take care and best wishes to your family!

  3. Ditto on sleep. Thinking of you all.

  4. Is this her first pregnancy? Prayers, here, that all goes well for all concerned.