Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wasting Time

First an update. Daughter and granddaughter are home and doing well. Also, my husband still has a job for now. Still trying to catch up on sleep, and create a positive living environment in our cramped quarters. Life is exhausting.

Thank you to all who have read, lurked, commented, or e-mailed. I appreciate all of you even if I don't respond in a timely fashion.

I really don't have the energy to write at this time, but there are plenty of topics being covered elsewhere. Feral Homemaker wrote an excellent article about work and how some workers are becoming slavishly devoted to their jobs in order not to be fired. She's right when she says you can be fired anyway.

My advice, go in, do the best at whatever it is that you do, then go home. Do not put in free over time, or work yourself into medical problems. A job does not define you. Some employers are taking advantage of the workers who are so worried about being unemployed that they will do anything to prove their loyalty.

Economize, follow a tight budget and boost your savings if you can. Be ready for emergencies because there is no guaranty that you will escape the next layoff.

Read her original post here:

Single Mom Rich Mom dared to ask the question of bloggers, "Are we wasting our time?"

I like to think with my blogging that I am opening a conversation each day (or each weak or month) and connecting with others. I daydream and wonder sometimes if I will ever have one of those "a ha" moments when I realize all of this was leading up to something big. Then I fall asleep or drag myself into work. Have to be realistic.

Read her thoughts here:


  1. I like blogging as a sort of diary/communication with others hybrid. Glad everything's going well with the baby!

  2. Heh. My current joint isn't a political blog, so it's strictly for fun. So as long as I enjoy it, it's not a waste of time, though it's something I tend to when everything else is squared away.

    Thank you for the link!

  3. Thanks for the link WP - I think the "a has" don't come much while we're living them, it seems to be in hindsight. And I won't wish one on you because mine have mostly come from something bad happening. ;-)

    I like your approach to work, with one caveat - if it pays off or will pay off (for sure, not just promises), it's good to bust your hump. If it never will then do what you've got to do and no more and look for somewhere where the effort will be rewarded. That's sometimes hard to find though. I "wasted my time" on bad relationships for years - it's much the same thing. You are far 'richer' in that area than I am from putting your time and energy in where it paid off.

    Hope you and the family are doing better soon.

  4. I blog for the dialogue and the outlet, not to be the next hot blog hit and retire. Of course, I don't do a PF blog--I just write my own meandering thoughts out and sometimes someone reads them!

    I liked and agree with the Feral Mom take on work. Do a great job within your hours, go above and beyond within your hours, but don't think it will save you when the cuts come!

  5. Thanks for the update! Glad that your daughter and grandbaby are home. Also glad to hear about your husband's job. That must take a load off your mind.
    Please update the blog more often, even if it's only to provide links to others' blogs. ;o)

  6. Bryallen, I like to blog as well. I tend to be a bit of a recluse in real life so it's a great means of communication.

    Pamela, I know what you mean, life does get complicated at times and we lose time to keep up with everything. As much as I enjoy it, I don't always have the time to blog.

    Jacq, you are so right! I've made enough mistakes in the past, I don't need any more big mistakes! :)

    I do go above and beyond for any job that I work, even if I am in a lowly position. However there are certain things I will not do anymore. I will not work overtime for free. I will not (as a good friend of mine did) answer my cell phone to answer work related questions while walking through Disney with my children.

    April, your meanderings are Purposeful, Meaningful, and Inspiring. Definitely not a waste of time. :)

    Catseye, thanks for continuing to read. My mind is often fried after work, home, sleep deprivation....I hope you don't mind a few more links, I've discovered some other great sites I'd like to share when my mind isn't with me.

  7. Glad to hear that the new little one is at home and that you are all (sort of) managing. Hope that No. 1 Grandson hasn't found being dethroned too awful.
    Rest, breathe, work -- but be sure to make time to dandle. As you know, they grow up fast.

  8. Donna, thank you for stopping by. Grandson and dog love the baby. Grandson likes to kiss the baby's head, and every time the baby cries the dog runs into the room and licks her feet.