Sunday, October 30, 2011

Random Stuff

So far so good, life is much calmer and a bit quieter at the working poor household. Family members are not up til three  in the morning chatting on the computer, or watching movie after movie. One person even tidied the living room without being asked! A few are still mad at me, but they can just get over themselves. This was a call for household help from an exhausted matriarch (Am I old enough to be called a matriarch?), and the savings from getting rid of that bill can be used towards those scary heating bills that I know will be coming. It does get cold in Central Florida and my usual one space heater in the bedroom will not work with babies in the house.

I was happy to see that Kmart was doubling coupons last week. No-one doubles coupons where I live so when they choose to offer this once or twice a year it's a big deal. They didn't have great sales to match but they were doubling so I shopped. I picked up some household cleaners and paper products. Most of it was products that I actually use that I was running low on. A few were items I wanted to try. I didn't do too bad but I noticed I actually do better at regular grocery store buy one get one free sales. I don't think I'll be lured to the next double coupon event unless I really need something.

The baby had her first big bath today in her new pink tub. She was pleasant throughout the entire experience. It did take two of us to get the job done. Grandmother to hold her fairly still and mother to scrub. The baby has long skinny arms and legs that wriggle constantly whether upset or happy. Luckily, she's happy most of the time.

I found an older RV for a third of the price of the one we were wanting to purchase before. Hey, I can look can't I? It looked like it was in really good shape, but my husband isn't ready to start looking again yet. When we do find one we have to be careful, we don't have much money, and neither one of us has any mechanical abilities. Therefore, we can't be looking at fixer-uppers.


  1. Good, you are back. At our Kmart, you have to buy $50 worth to get the doubled coupon AND you are limited to the number you can use. I threw one holy fit because I had spent $45 the night before and $15 or something like that, well over $50. I told them I would not purchase what I had and would return the purchases from the night before. So, the manager relented. But, I will never do the Kmart doubling of coupons again.

    Good for you on your stand. Maybe someone could get a job and pay for what they want. Cleaning house? I think you have impressed upon someone that you cannot do it all. Good!

    Babies are hardier than you think. Mittens, hat, and warm clothes in a warmish part of the house and she will be just fine. Mittens--I mean just the hand covering, not the one with a thumb. Of course, there will come a point where the mittens will hinder her. Besides, she would probably just chew them and get wet and colder. Scratch mitten

    If there is anyway you could just heat her part of the house....saving some money.

    Call 211 for anything baby needs--diapers, formula, wipes,anything, also that number works for all social service advertised in your state and those not advertised.

    Switching to vinegar and baking soda will save money. I use no paper products. You will have to buy tp, I am quite sure. Hey, if you ditched tp, maybe people would

  2. Oh, I would lay down rules for when the internet and tv are back before it comes back. Nothing happens after you decide to go to bed. You need sleep and peace.

    Looking at RVs before you are ready to purchase gives you an idea of options and prices.

  3. Glad to hear they're doing their part and that things are generally peaceful!

  4. Glad to hear things are a little calmer/quieter. You and your husband deserve some peace. :)

  5. Practical Parsimony, my paper products were parchment paper and aluminum foil. I also bought dish soap at a huge discount. I can't fathom going without tp, but was amused by your suggestion. It sounds like a story that would be addressed by a daytime tv talk show. "Today at three, local mom refuses to buy toilet paper. Grown kids horrified!"

    The internet/tv/ phone will not be turned back on! We need the money in savings and they can't handle the distractions.

    Pamela, they all aren't exactly doing their part yet. It is still a work in progress but there is some improvement.

    Zoe, thank you. Things are a bit calmer, however, we are still working on it.