Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dear Florida

Dear Florida,

I am so sorry I complained about your Summers. It just gets hard to handle the ever increasing heat. It is difficult to survive financially sometimes because of the horrendous air conditioning bills. It is also painful trying to get into a hot car and my fingers often get singed on the steering wheel your sun beams down on.

I understand that it is indeed Florida and I will try to keep my complaints to myself from now on if you could tone down winter just a bit. My fingers are numb and I'm so over this shivering all the time. So, do we have a deal? A bit less complaining from me and a little less winter freeze from you?

Thank you,

Oh and, PS Could you keep from snowing again? That was just too much.


  1. Yeah, I hear it's colder down there in Florida than up here on my Canadian island! That's incredible! It's practically tropical here (raining all the time)... sigh.


  2. Feb. 19, 2014
    Definitely our weather is 'out of whack'. -3F here in east Tennessee awhile back and 70F in Alaska same day! I hear from family in Fla. about the wicked weather they are having also. Frankly I'm dreading the summer coming here in eTN. Hear of some bad CMEs to come for all of us, the planet. Not good, no not good.