Friday, January 8, 2010

Silver Lining Found

Today was another of those days. It started yesterday when my sister called to let me know our father was in the hospital. She was going to call me this afternoon to let me know how he was.

This morning we had workers in our back yard bright and early to repair our septic system. Tree roots had grown throughout the drain field and destroyed it. We had a nice view out the kitchen window before, a lush lawn with birds and squirrels. Now we have a big dirt mess. Only one tiny corner of our backyard was spared. I imagine it will take sometime to repair the damage and we will have to wait a few months before things start growing in again.

At some point in their work they cut our cable. We were without phone, Internet, or cable. As I'm one of those strange people that detest cell phones I had no way to hear from my sister until this evening. Dad is back home after having three units of blood and the rest is a mystery. He's kind of funny about his doctor visits. He just won't talk about them. I have no idea what treatment he gets. He says he gets "juice" through an iv drip. That is the extent of his discussions.

My husband must be catching on with optimism. Sometimes he can be a bit grumpy when things do not go as planned. I was expecting a negative reaction to the backyard devastation. This afternoon he gazed out the kitchen window and a big smile spread across his face. He said, "You know, I won't have to mow this for quite some time."


  1. I just found your blog... I love it. You tell it like it is.


  2. That husband of yours definitely has the 'glass half full' outlook. Good for him and a lucky woman you be!