Sunday, February 7, 2010

39% Dead

I'm too exhausted for a long post. It was very busy at work today and I worked on my day off again and I just agreed to cover for someone on my other day off. To top it off I could not sleep last night so I arrived at work in fine shape. The following is one of the dreams that woke me:

I went to dinner with my husband and son. Once seated they started playing cards. I felt ill and then fell to the floor and passed out. They continued playing cards. I came to in a hospital. I dragged myself out of the bed and started walking the halls looking for my family. There were escalators and at the foot of them two old men in motorized wheelchairs with thick tires were racing and burning rubber. A nurse started chasing me and yelled, "You need to get back in there and see the doctor! You were in bad shape when they brought you in. You're 39% dead!"

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