Wednesday, February 3, 2010

High Hopes

I had my first day off in a while today. Since my husband was scheduled for the night shift I decided he was taking me out this morning. We had breakfast out and then I bought work clothes. I know a splurge, but I had coupons and a gift certificate. I had the rest of the day planned with a trip to the post office, a much needed nap, and a long time spent updating this blog. As soon as our car pulled into the driveway my son ran out and handed me the phone. They needed me at work. I haven't had a day off in a while and I am really tired and my legs are aching. I said yes and threw on a uniform and was back out the door ten minutes later. I have to take advantage of these hours now, while they last. We live in an area where we rely heavily on the snowbirds for our economy. Summer hours will be horrible, sometimes dropping as low as fifteen to twenty per week for some people. Those that work the hardest now have a little $ to save for the leaner months and get more hours during the summer as well.

If you have emailed me or commented here, I want you to know how very much I appreciate hearing from you. I am so grateful for your comments. I will be getting back on track soon with my email and more frequent blogs.


  1. This hurts to read. I feel like anything I can say--or think--is not much at all in light of how hard you work and how you put it up for us to read time and time again. Just know that I am thinking of you!!

  2. April, thank you. My posts are not meant to be depressing. I just want to show what life is like for the working poor. Now I feel a little guilty for what I wrote this morning to type tonight.:)However, the show must go on. There will be better days.