Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Meanderings

I'm not the type to make new years resolutions. You won't find a list of my goals typed up in order with dates beside each for when I want them accomplished. I like to keep things simple, and I certainly don't want to disappoint myself when I fail to meet all those lofty goals.

This is the first new years eve I've ever had off. I only got the night off because there was a problem in the schedule for someone else and they needed me to swap for another day. It was nice to have off because I accomplished a lot around the house, although it would have been nice if my husband was off too. There's an old saying that what you do on new years is a reflection of what the next year will be like. If so, I will have a squeaky clean and clutter free home in no time.

Next year at some point, I want new jobs and new surroundings. Quite simple, it's all I need for now. I've already been working to reduce the debt, and save. We have a start, and as long as we keep earning as much as we can, we will meet out goals without going into further debt.

Happy New Year everyone! Whether you're a resolution maker or a resolution hater, I hope you have a wonderful time in 2011.


  1. Someone on FaceBook has resolved to have more fun. I am so down with that...but as I read that you are decluttering, that is VERY appealing to me, too! Clutter seems to have proliferated around here.

    Oh, my. So many ways to achieve our dreams no matter how small or large and 364 days left to make it happen!

    For sure I resolve to pop by this blog on a regular basis. It helps with my perspective on life. Besides, I love you a special much!

    Mother Connie

    I resolve to:
    Eat/drink whatever I want(reasonable amounts)
    Talk to my friends EVERYDAY.
    Hug/kiss my family and friends when I see them.
    Do random acts of kindness everyweek.
    Sleep more.
    Read more.
    Listen to music more.
    Spend more time on Crafts/hobbies.
    Learn something new each week.
    Make everyday count.

  3. Connie, thank you for stopping by! You made me realize that I do still have goals even if I really don't make resolutions.

    Anonymous, what a beautiful list! Thank you for sharing. I can't even pick a favorite from that, you covered all the bases.