Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not Entirely Friendless

I must thank everyone who dropped in with condolences. It has been a rough time for my family. Add to the mix a six day work week, extra holiday baking on the one day off, the household chores building up, and drama stories from the grown children and whew...I haven't even had the energy at the end of the day to turn on the computer.

We are not planning on getting another dog at this time. One day another dog, cat, rat, or snake may find us and join our family but until then we are going to spend some time saving, planning some changes, and recovering financially. It has been a very expensive few years. Veterinary care doesn't come cheap.

We do have another dog in the house, courtesy of the youngest daughter. When she graduated from high school she went on a long vacation with her friend. She was planning on sharing an apartment with her and moving. It didn't work out but while she was gone she bought a dog from a man in a parking lot. When she didn't have a place to stay daughter and dog came home. Now she shares an apartment with her cousin and brother and there is no room for the dog. We have her for now until she rents a better place where the dog can move. She says she is taking her when the lease is up on the current place...

She named her dog Sasha but my husband and I call her Snugly Snugs Snug. I know it sounds silly but she is an extreme cuddler. She sits right next to you, and leans against you all day long. She's a sixty pound dog but she still likes to sit in your lap for a car ride, climb on top of you in the recliner, or nap with you in the love seat. We took her to the vets to see Chloe after she passed because I didn't want her to wonder what happened to her. It seems as if she understands. I wonder how long her scent lasted in all the places we used to walk together. It seemed as if one day, that Sasha was walking in the same spots Chloe had been, looking for her scent. Collecting memories in her own way I suppose.


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  2. Wow 444, that was a magical moment with the cat. What fascinates me are the stories of the nursing home cats that sit with the elderly on their last day. Somehow they seem to know.

    I have a good friend who keeps taking in cats. She is at either six or eight now, I lost count. She also spends her money getting the feral cats in her neighborhood to the doctor for shots and to be fixed.

    It seems as if all the cats in her home have a social disorder of some kind. One pees on her clothing wether draped on a chair or in a laundry basket. She's been to the doctor and nothing is wrong physically. Several of them won't allow you to touch them ever. One will be extremely affectionate three days out of the year and won't have anyhting to do with you the rest of the year. It's like a halfway house for derranged cats.

  3. We had a lot of feral barn cats when I was growing up. It used to be a personal mission of mine to get them to be more "normal" and love me (some girls had dolls, I had cats), but once they get to a certain stage without human contact they don't seem to be able to change.

    Having pets is wonderful, but it often limits where you can live since most places won't take animals. We've traveled to RV parks too that won't take a dog over 25 pounds. Which is silly because the little ones are the yappy ones.

  4. Jacq, I know what you mean about it limiting your options. I wasn't planning on having another dog for this reason. My husband and I long to travel.