Thursday, April 29, 2010

Think'st Thou I'd Make a Life of Jealousy

Some people are jealous when they see their doctor pull up to his office in his new sports car that cost more than many of his patients homes. Others are jealous of corporate CEO's or high powered attorneys. Many are fond of money and power but have no access to either in their lives. Me? Well, as you know I'm a little different, quite strange to many. My own family and friends are quite baffled sometimes. I get a little jealous when I see a person many would refer to as a bum.

"Huh?!" you say and shake your head in bewilderment. Hear me out. I'm not talking about homeless families in shelters and out of work due to various circumstances. I'm not talking about the drunks and addicts that beg for money at intersections. I'm talking about that guy you saw on the interstate with the raggedy backpack, and that other guy that stayed in town for a while reading the encyclopedias one at a time at the local library during the day and fishing at the river in the evening.

"Are you crazy?" you ask. Perhaps. But I see them as possessing an infinite supply of free time. They have all the time they want to wallow in a timeless world of paperback books. They can escape into the woods and enjoy nature for days if they wish. They have no obligations, no toilets to scrub, no lawns to mow, no closets to organize, or walls to paint, and best of all they have no soul sucking jobs to report to.

I know the reality, they are out there due to difficulties and they certainly didn't choose their hardships. Some have health issues, some fell on hard times, and most would live differently if they had a chance. But there is this little part of my mind that romanticizes their plight. I daydream about what if I were out there and traveling from one state to another, cooking simple meals over a campfire, reading as long as I liked, and having all the time I wanted to write. I know it's silly they aren't grown Huck Finn's of the interstate, but, I can't help daydreaming and becoming just a little jealous.

April, I stole my title from Othello in honor of you. You inspired me to give Shakespeare one more try.


  1. "My friends [are] poor, but honest." (Twelfth Night)

    And so am I!

    Here's one for your blog: "O, how full of briers is this working-day world!" (As You Like It)

    WP, thank you for the great compliment--enjoy Shakespeare!

  2. Thank you.

    "O, how full of briers is this working-day world!"

    I love it! LOL. I have a feeling I'll be muttering this one under my breath like a demented mantra while at work.

  3. I know this is very late and not likely to be seen, but hear hear! Although I am blessed with a good-paying job and comfortable apartment, there is a piece of me that longs to sell off everything save for a couple of favorite books, a couple pair of jeans, and few things in backpack...and just go. No possessions to worry about, no deadlines to meet, no one to answer to, to sleep under the stars, and learn to be present. Freedom.

  4. Hi Anonymous, I saw your comment! Thank you, now I know someone else out there gets this too.