Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Last Straw

Could not sleep at all last night, tossed and turned for what seemed an eternity. I had to be up before the sun for a meeting. The rest of the day was mine. I chose to get all my chores done after the meeting so I can just relax this evening. I have a giant blister on my hand from vigorously steam cleaning the carpets. The dishes I ignored yesterday are done, as is the mopping. The bathroom really needed cleaning too. Enough is enough. It will have to wait one more day because I'm stopping here. Hey there are other people in this house perfectly capable of picking up a sponge and a mop bucket. (Not so subtle hint to grown kids. :)

Madam has not been feeling well. She is taking shorter walks and being sick more often. She has also had moments of confusion when she can't feel her way around the house like she use to. She is draped across my foot now resting after a short walk and a lunch of boneless chicken breasts and broccoli. It is so sad for me to watch her health get worse and see her age so rapidly. Another vet visit will be needed in a few weeks when we have the funds. I am dreading the possibility of bad news on that front.

Well, I'm certainly meandering about aimlessly today. My main thought today? It was actually said to the whole group at the meeting. "We need you to better plan your vacations in advance so we aren't left shorthanded." Um, vacation? VACATION???!!!! My father died. I'm so sorry, now that I know how you feel we will plan all family members deaths on weeks that are convenient for you and your corporation.

The job hunt starts Monday.

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