Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Empty Nest Announcement

I've asked to step down at work. The late nights were not meshing with my family's and household schedules, and there was too much expected in too little time with very little training. So soon I may have more time to tackle forgotten household chores and write a few more entries for my poor neglected blog. They promised me the same amount of hours so it should be okay until something better comes along.

Another new development is at home. My youngest daughter found an apartment! This is a momentous occasion since my son moved out a month ago I will have my very first official EMPTY NEST! Don't read this wrong. I love my kids. But it's an EMPTY NEST! It deserves celebrating.

I wonder if anyone else looks or looked forward to their empty nest as much as I do? Some people laugh at my jokes and get it others look a me with a puzzled expression and wonder if I am the worst mother they ever met. What matters most is my kids get it. They know they are loved, and they will always have help when it is needed, but now Mama needs a tidier home and some adventure of her own.


  1. WP: I enjoy our empty nest (ours is empty most of the time, except when Warren has his daughter (15+) here. I don't know if I "looked forward" to it, but I certainly didn't panic as it approached with my children. It seemed to me to be the "next step." Warren's was involuntary as a result of ugly divorce proceedings, but he has grown to enjoy it. I am proud of my boys--they know I will help where and when I can, including opening my doors to them should they need it--and they live independent.

    I have friends with a very different attitude. Of course, some of these are the same people who couldn't believe I was "letting" my older son go to the college of his choice (on scholarship) because it was 2500 miles away. How would I live with him so far away? Wasn't I scared that he was too far away? No and no; he was 18, he had earned his way in with his grades, and I was proud of him.

  2. April, how easily letters get shifted and "mothers" turns into "smother." :)