Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Been a Long Long Time

The worst news I'll give first. My grand baby had to get emergency surgery last week. My daughter called one morning and said she was taking him to the doctor because he had a gumball sized lump on his upper thigh. She called later that evening and said it was the size of an egg. The next call was from the hospital to let me know it was now the size of two eggs and he was heading to the operating room the following morning and they didn't know what it was. They operated and left the wound open so it would heal from the inside out and wouldn't become re-infected. It took several days for all the tests to come back and it was staph. I don't know how he got it but I am glad they caught it early and he is healing quickly. It is scary to have to go through something like that as an adult. I can hardly imagine how awful an experience it was for a year old baby.

We may have an empty nest but we haven't had any time together because we are always working. I'm just stating a fact, not complaining. I wouldn't dare complain when so many are out of work still. My free time, however, is temporarily missing.

My husband had the laundry all sorted and sitting by the front door in baskets the other day. I grabbed a bottle of detergent and some dryer sheets and the quarters I got from the bank earlier. We were at the front door ready to load everything in to the car when we both simultaneously started to complain about not really feeling like hanging out at the laundromat. It was so easy to get my husband to agree to taking the Lowe's card for a ride instead. Since they were having a six months no interest sale going on, and since I've recently paid off three bills I was able to purchase a washer and dryer. I will pay them off well before the interest starts and now I can do laundry whenever I want. There had to be some good news in here somewhere.

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