Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Cashiers Pet Peeves

1) Do not cut in line and pretend that you can't see those five people already in line.
2) Do not dump six handfuls of change on my counter and whistle the 1812 overture through your teeth while I count.
3) Do not talk to me while I am counting my drawer.
4) It needs repeating. DO NOT talk to me while I am counting my drawer.
5) Do not cuss at me.
6) Put you cell phone away for one minute. What are you a brain surgeon, going over a risky operation with your assistant? No you are just standing there holding up the line blah blah blah and having to rerun your credit card ten times because you can't concentrate on the correct button to push on the debit machine on YOUR side of the counter, and then you act as if it is my fault.
7) Shoes and shirt are required. Just draping a shirt across your shoulder is not actually wearing a shirt.
8) Please refrain from placing your hand into your pants when your nether regions itch.
9) If you haven't bathed for six months please tidy yourself up just a bit before you shop.
10) If you only have a set amount of money, please try to add up the cost of what you have in your cart before you get in line. I'd rather not ring up $200 worth of items only to find out you only have $50.

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