Saturday, July 3, 2010

Two Tales, One New, One Decades Old and Both Completely True

Strange things happen when you work with the public. Sometime managers are afraid to approach someone behaving oddly and they will ignore something that should be addressed. This is Florida and you have problems in this state with people shopping while improperly dressed. Many men will not understand why they must wear a shirt, and women decide to shop in a bikini sometimes. Last week a woman who was in her early seventies wore a bikini to do her grocery shopping. Many years ago I worked in another store where a woman who must have weighed three hundred pounds shopped in a bikini. A man walked proudly beside her grabbed hold of a roll and strutted up and down the aisles.

I heard of a new one today. A cashier called her manager to tell him a male customer just walked in the door wearing a shirt but no pants. NO PANTS at all! The managers response?.."Was he at least wearing shoes?" I guess it's long as you wear your shirt and shoes...pants are optional.

A few decades ago there was a new department manager in a grocery store in another county. This store had a weekly problem with a customer who was pooping in the sink in the men's room. This new manager walked into the restroom one day to find an 86 year old man perched on the sink like a vulture in the act of squeezing out a number two. He told the store manager who had no idea what to do so they did nothing. It's a strange world.

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