Thursday, July 22, 2010

Silly Penny Haters

Last week I rang an order for an elderly gentleman who told me to keep his four pennies. He went on to say, "I have a whole jar of them at home and they annoy me. I just hate them!" He emphasized his penny hatred by smacking the counter with his fist. I rescued the innocent little pennies and placed them in my pocket.

Last night I had another order for a different customer. The total was $8.50. He handed me the money and said, "Here's $8.52 because I just hate pennies!" Two more trembling pennies landed safely in my pocket.

These pennies joined the discarded parking lot coins, change from my own shopping, and the 68 cents from the smoker with the new pack of cigarettes who couldn't wait two seconds for change. They stayed in a change jar for about three months, where they were very appreciated.

Why am I so pleased with pennies? I rolled them all up while I was watching a show and would have just been sitting there anyway. It didn't hurt. In fact it was very satisfying when I made my $200.00 deposit into savings. Go ahead and hate your pennies, I'll give them a good home.


  1. This cracked me up! Our road to Montana is paved with pennies!!

  2. This is a little late, but just connected here from Donna Freedman's post today. I really enjoyed this! I have a savings account that was started 6 years ago, entirely from coins - change from purchases and found money. The balance today is almost $1,200.00. Slow, but sure! I keep adding to it and never take any out. I haven't decided yet what I will ultimately use this money for but it will definitely be a big treat!

  3. oops - forgot to mention that I opened the account with $100 (minimum required) so subtract $100 from the "found money & change" to make that roughly $1100 in 6 years.

  4. Hi Deedee,
    That's wonderful! Those coins really do add up.