Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Recovery of an Old Friend

Came back from our weekly (yes, weekly) trip to the vet today. She is on a new insulin and doing very well. In fact, I never thought I would see her in such fine shape again. She's has more energy and is putting on weight. Instead of sleeping in the backseat on the way there she hung her face out the window and let her ears flap in the breeze. She is almost healthy enough to have the surgery she needs. I didn't know recovery was possible. For a while every time she had an appointment I worried that it would be her last visit.

I just hope that no-one else needs health care any time soon. All spare money goes to the vet for special food, insulin, needles, and glucose checks. Soon a big chunk of savings will go toward surgery. It has been so worth it for extra moments of holding paws, well timed snorts in the middle of someones conversation, ears flapping in the breeze, and those magic smiles. I love you Chloe.

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