Friday, October 30, 2009

Healthcare...or the Lack Thereof

I have enough and make enough to pay my bills, keep my old car running, keep groceries stocked, and keep a roof over our heads. What I do not have is healthcare. There's just not enough extra money left for this luxury.

Luckily, besides dental problems so far, I have been fairly healthy. I would love to get a check-up just in case but finances haven't caught up yet. The last time I saw a doctor was 1990. Why so long? When you are poor and pregnant you get free medical care through medicaid. The working poor receive no such benefits.

I've read scathing articles by angry individuals who are upset by the way government benefits are set up. Many believe it is unfair to reward people for having children while young or while poor. I feel it doesn't matter. I see the need to protect the children from complete poverty. However, I don't understand how we can ignore those who are 18 to 64. Why not give everyone the same healthcare? Who is it going to hurt?

People should receive healthcare because they are human. You shouldn't have to die earlier if you are poor. Why does it cost so much in the first place? If you knew first aid and came across a wounded person in the park would you stop to help or would you first demand payment?

I think the whole thing could be simplified. Make all drug companies non-profit. Pay all doctores $40,000 to start, cap them at $90,000. Cap CEO's and hospital administrators at $125,000. Create non-profit healthcare facilities.

What if we completely revolutionize the system? The current model isn't working. Let's try something completely different. Bring together a large group from all backgrounds and income, including the very poor and brainstorm to come up with a new model.

What are your ideas?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just Starting Out

My reasons for starting this blog are varied. I'm still not sure exactly what I hope to accomplish with this. I can say what inspired me to start this venture; Dr. Wayne Dyers' latest PBS special "No Excuses," another blog (I can't remember the name of it.) on which there was a lively discussion about poverty, the opportunities and new hope from the possibility of healthcare reform, and the hope that my shared experiences could help or educate another human being.

Whenever I have a Saturday night off I enjoy watching the British comedies on PBS. When I tuned in one night they had Dr. Wayne Dyers special on for a fund drive. He spoke of Dharma and finding your life's purpose. I realized that I am not pursuing a purpose now nor do I even know what it is. I started wondering if my life experiences are building up to some new chapter for me. Can I use what I've been through to educate or benefit another person? I'm hoping this will work to some degree.

On a money type blog I read there was a lively discussion on poverty and how people in different circumstances view economic advice. One viewer had a completely different take on the advice given on this and several other sites. It made me think that neither side can truly know what it is like to be very poor or moderately well off unless they communicate. An investment bankers financial tips would not help a welfare recipient and the one may resent the other if he doesn't understand where they are coming from. I noticed at that moment that there are frugal blogs and money blogs but not many that tell what it is like to live as the working poor.

Healthcare reform is a topic of great importance. As a worker with no healthcare and no extra money saved up it's a very personal struggle. I have some theories and personal stories for those who don't understand what it's like on this side.

In real life I'm a loner, so this is my way of dragging my socially reluctant self out. It's an outlet for my thoughts on varied topics and possibly a way to help others, or if not just to get a conversation started across all class lines.

Here I will discuss the American working poor-of which I am a member, healthcare reform (yes please), frugality (or the fine art of making ends meet), books (can't live without them), the environment, and anything else that tickles my fancy. I hope you join me on my journey.