Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Restart

How do I start an update so vast? I suppose I will just have to jump right in feet first.

Downtime has vanished. There is so much to do and seemingly no end in sight to the evil chore list. We've started the sorting and packing up of a lifetime accumulation of junk. We're not hoarders but my husband and I have both decided we don't want to be bound by stuff. It's an ongoing battle. I ruthlessly tackled my book collection first. I packed what I absolutely have to have into the shelves in the RV. The rest is boxed and ready to go. I knew everything else would be a piece of cake after the books. Now the bookshelves are mostly emptied or filled with random junk mail, newspapers, and empty shopping bags. It's a sad looking messy house that I hate to come home to. However, we are in the midst of a transition so I will have to be patient.

Tragedy struck in March. My nephew passed suddenly and unexpectedly at the too young age of forty. I couldn't find the words to express the sorrow felt by the family. He was an outspoken man who always sought fun and joy in his life. His mother lost her son and her best friend at once. He was also a single father to his fifteen year old son. In his passing he repaired a rift with some warring family members. Everyone gathered, dropped their differences, and were sadly reminded that life is indeed too short.

My brother is attempting to recover from back surgery.  My sister just had a short stay in the hospital. Hmm, what other news is there? Is there any good news? Well actually....

I am no longer a part time grocery cashier. I have full time employment at a local bank, which was also conveniently the bank I already used. It's a completely different world. I am enjoying my first ever three day weekend of which my husband will be able to spend one day with me. He needs to find new employment next.

I'll stop here and keep it short so that I come back soon with more. I'll try not to be away for so long but I do try to keep my site upbeat. When I'm feeling far from positive it is so difficult to come up with a post. Too many dark days have passed since long ago in February.