Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Vacation, Working Poor Style

I really haven't put much writing time in this month. I do feel guilty but we are in the midst of changes. My husband and I are currently on a little vacation, a much needed break. We can't really afford the typical vacation so we are doing this working poor style.

One way to trim costs on a vacation is to skip eating out all the time. Yes, we brought a cooler to save money, although we aren't perfect so we are eating out a little bit. One of the biggest costs beside transportation are hotel fees. We opted for a rustic cabin rental in a KOA campground instead. I stayed at one before and really enjoyed it. The cabin has two bunk beds, a full sized bed, a desk and a chair, and a window unit air conditioner. There is electricity and WIFI. You can't be severely addicted to television when you stay in one. There is no television and the WIFI isn't fast enough to HULU.

The last cabin I rented was about fifteen feet away from the restrooms and showers. I was slightly irritated this morning when I had to walk all the way around the pond for the restroom. The Canadian geese attempted to cheer me up with a hearty greeting But I was still in a foul mood. (Horrible pun intended.)

Last night when we checked in there was a giant mutant wasp/hornet/bee thing on the window shade. I used to raise tarantulas, and am kind to all creatures. I even carry spiders out of the house for my husband. He wanted it out of the room. I told him it was in a difficult spot to catch because of the window shade and we would most likely get stung trying to get out or damage something in the room. We made the bed, walked all the way around the pond to the restrooms, and came back. I sat down on the edge of the bed and bolted up immediately.

We turned on the porch light and the inside light and I stood in the doorway to our little cabin rubbing my butt furiously while my husband tried to get the injured mutant wasp/hornet/bee thing out of the room. After a tussle with the mutant my husband lost track of him and we couldn't find him again. I slept lightly, jumping at every small noise, certain he was going to find me in the middle of the night to finish the job. It was a rough start for our all too short vacation.

Like always it is a dual purpose vacation. We can have a bit of fun each day, but then we also have to look for jobs and rental properties because I am thinking of moving up here. It looks promising so far, now if I can only get my husband to stop singing the Bumble Bee Tuna theme song and referring to me as his little bumble bee. He also opened the door to the cabin this morning and said there was someone to see me. I thought one of the geese had wandered up to the porch but no it was a giant mutant wasp/hornet/bee thing. If I could only train one to bite him on the butt too...