Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Downward Slide

It's been a difficult few months, and I really haven't written about it yet. It's been basic drudgery and work around here lately and I have not tracked down wifi to update my blog. Sorry, nothing cool and upbeat to report on.

The water damage to the rv was too severe for us to afford to fix it. We are now trying to sell it so we can finish paying it off.

Our savings is completely wiped out now due to another dilemma...... When Tropical Storm Debbie blew through a few months ago my husband drove to work in very bad conditions. He was one minute late and they fired him.

He has been unemployed for up to two weeks before, but never  three months! It has been difficult. He made the decision to go to a truck driving school because the only jobs we have seen advertised lately are medical and truck driving. He went to a school a few hours away. He was using the car we helped our son purchase in better times. The engine blew on his way home for the weekend. He missed some school because of it and ended up selling it to a junkyard for $300.00. The following week he had to take my car and leave me without transportation.

We've weathered all the setbacks. The bills are paid, the pantry is stocked, and employment is in the near future. These times shall pass eventually. Hope everyone is doing well out there.