Friday, February 17, 2012

Austerity Measures at Home

I've just read through a long list of blogs I used to enjoy on a regular basis. I really miss the connection of regular blogging and will probably break down and pay for internet quite soon. I don't miss the television at all, or the phone, but the lack of internet is sorely felt. With only one vehicle, it is difficult to find the time when transportation is available to go somewhere else to use the internet. I just have to put up with the inconvenience until I am suitably caught up financially to splurge on connection.

While leaders propose "austerity measures" to pull their countries through the recession, so do we individuals propose our own plans to our families to pull through tough times. Some of us plant fabulous gardens, others coupon, some subsist on lots of bean and rice dishes, and many just go without certain things that others take for granted. Lately it's as if I've gone back in time to when I was even poorer. I once walked everywhere, never had a phone or television, and rented the most horrible of dumps. This wasn't because I was saving up for something or getting out of debt. I didn't know what debt was at the time, I was just incredibly poor. Now however, I have a goal in mind. I have a few more big payments to make on this bill so I can get it down to a more manageable figure before I add more bills to my month. Ten  more payments and the RV will be paid off and I will be debt free once more.

Speaking of the RV, I've spent a few days cleaning it out and dreaming. The more excited I get the more stressed my husband gets. He comes home and I show him a list of things we need to do, and other things we may need to purchase and then he can't sleep that night. I need to tame my enthusiasm so he can take things slower and calmer. If I could find a way to take off tomorrow I would. I guess it's the big change that worries at his subconscious.

Times up, I have to run. Until next time, I'll ask you this: What austerity measures have you proposed to your family to help get through a rough patch, or to survive the recession?