Sunday, October 30, 2011

Random Stuff

So far so good, life is much calmer and a bit quieter at the working poor household. Family members are not up til three  in the morning chatting on the computer, or watching movie after movie. One person even tidied the living room without being asked! A few are still mad at me, but they can just get over themselves. This was a call for household help from an exhausted matriarch (Am I old enough to be called a matriarch?), and the savings from getting rid of that bill can be used towards those scary heating bills that I know will be coming. It does get cold in Central Florida and my usual one space heater in the bedroom will not work with babies in the house.

I was happy to see that Kmart was doubling coupons last week. No-one doubles coupons where I live so when they choose to offer this once or twice a year it's a big deal. They didn't have great sales to match but they were doubling so I shopped. I picked up some household cleaners and paper products. Most of it was products that I actually use that I was running low on. A few were items I wanted to try. I didn't do too bad but I noticed I actually do better at regular grocery store buy one get one free sales. I don't think I'll be lured to the next double coupon event unless I really need something.

The baby had her first big bath today in her new pink tub. She was pleasant throughout the entire experience. It did take two of us to get the job done. Grandmother to hold her fairly still and mother to scrub. The baby has long skinny arms and legs that wriggle constantly whether upset or happy. Luckily, she's happy most of the time.

I found an older RV for a third of the price of the one we were wanting to purchase before. Hey, I can look can't I? It looked like it was in really good shape, but my husband isn't ready to start looking again yet. When we do find one we have to be careful, we don't have much money, and neither one of us has any mechanical abilities. Therefore, we can't be looking at fixer-uppers.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Extreme Measures

I have a little problem in my house where everyone is not working together at a steady pace to keep the household running smoothly. I'm extremely frustrated with this, and feel like a fraud. I've written about house sharing situations and how to deal. It has worked out for the most part. Lately, however, there has been a distinct lack of co-operation. I am deeply exhausted and something has to give.

I'm going to be horribly mean. Yes, my decision will make it more difficult for me to pursue my interests, but I have to do something. Tomorrow morning I will be canceling my cable, Internet, and home phone. I will be forced to keep minutes on the track phone, and to blog at the library or a parking lot with WiFi after work. My husband will really miss his football. Perhaps without the electronic distractions all members of the household will find time to pursue work and help keep the house somewhat clean. I'm not asking for perfectionism, just to have the house comfortable and for everyone to show up at work.

That's enough of me griping. I just wanted to explain what is happening so when mail is unanswered for a few days you know why. I'm already down to once a week (if that) writing. In the fast paced world of blogging I'm surprised that readers keep coming back. A big "Thank You" to everyone who stops by my little blog.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wasting Time

First an update. Daughter and granddaughter are home and doing well. Also, my husband still has a job for now. Still trying to catch up on sleep, and create a positive living environment in our cramped quarters. Life is exhausting.

Thank you to all who have read, lurked, commented, or e-mailed. I appreciate all of you even if I don't respond in a timely fashion.

I really don't have the energy to write at this time, but there are plenty of topics being covered elsewhere. Feral Homemaker wrote an excellent article about work and how some workers are becoming slavishly devoted to their jobs in order not to be fired. She's right when she says you can be fired anyway.

My advice, go in, do the best at whatever it is that you do, then go home. Do not put in free over time, or work yourself into medical problems. A job does not define you. Some employers are taking advantage of the workers who are so worried about being unemployed that they will do anything to prove their loyalty.

Economize, follow a tight budget and boost your savings if you can. Be ready for emergencies because there is no guaranty that you will escape the next layoff.

Read her original post here:

Single Mom Rich Mom dared to ask the question of bloggers, "Are we wasting our time?"

I like to think with my blogging that I am opening a conversation each day (or each weak or month) and connecting with others. I daydream and wonder sometimes if I will ever have one of those "a ha" moments when I realize all of this was leading up to something big. Then I fall asleep or drag myself into work. Have to be realistic.

Read her thoughts here:

Monday, October 3, 2011

She's Arrived!

It happened on 10-02-2011 at 12:21 pm. Second grandbaby came kicking and squalling into the world at six pounds and three and a half ounces and a month early. Sadly her lungs needed a little more help and she had to be transferred to another hospital an hour away. It looks like my daughter will be discharged today so she can be reunited with the baby. She felt no contractions until the end when the baby was slipping out.

My eldest daughter and I had our work schedules covered so we could be here for her. My husband needed today's morning shift covered so he could be there for the grandbaby. His new boss complained and said he couldn't do it. My husband said his grandbaby was in the hospital and it was important. He never takes time off from work unless it is vital. The boss complained and said it was a huge bother, then said his boss was not going to be happy but they would try to cover it and call him back. They never called back, so my husband had to call them instead and they said the owner hired someone new to cover the shift. We'll see if he still has his job when he goes back.