Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Small Moments in a Frugal Life

I worked the morning shift a few days ago and after I came home I decided to tidy up the kitchen. I did the dishes, cleaned the cabinets and counter tops, emptied a bookcase I was planning on giving to my son, and swept and mopped the floor. Each task accomplished led to another item to clean. I usually run the coffee pot with vinegar to get it clean. I also use baking soda and vinegar to unclog the sink in the bathroom. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it cleaned out. This time I decided to re-use the hot vinegar from the coffee pot to clean the drain. I tossed a handful of baking soda in the sink and chased it with the hot vinegar and it worked in seconds.

As evening drew on it became chilly in the house, so I put on warm fuzzy socks and a sweater. I wanted something to eat but didn't feel like preparing anything time consuming so I decided some warm oatmeal would work. I don't buy the more expensive packets you add boiling water to. I like the old fashioned oatmeal you cook on the stove, but it isn't any more difficult to prepare. I have what I call the secret formula to oatmeal, but I'll share it with you. I place one cup of oatmeal and one half cup of milk and two cups of water in a pot. I stir it, put the lid on it, and then place it one the stove on medium heat. I leave it there for about fifteen to twenty minutes and then stir and serve. It is creamy enough so you don't have to add milk. You can add blueberries and cream, or brown sugar and cinnamon, or a swirl of maple syrup. This makes two servings to share or one large portion for a ravenous fiend.

So there you have it. I did my own cleaning, although it would be really cool to have servants. I cleaned with low cost, and green products. I discovered an even niftier way to avoid a plumbers fee, and I kept from turning the heat on by bundling up just a bit. I also avoided the sneaky cash stealing act of ordering dinner out by making a satisfying meal at home instead. It takes just a small bit of effort to find a frugal way to accomplish the tasks in life. If you take the time to be careful with money, you'll be happy at the end of the week or month when you are paying more towards your debt, or adding a bigger amount into savings.


  1. I like your still lovvie! sounds like days of my everyday life. I love porridge, what you call oatmeal and have it for breakfast, we make ours with water and a sprinkle of salt.

  2. that shoudl say - I like your style!

  3. You are my kind o girl. How scary is it that we think alike and neither of us nukes our oats?

    Mother Connie

  4. Frugaal Queen, now I know. I never knew for sure whether porridge was oats or cream of wheat. :)

    Connie, nuked oats = yuck.