Sunday, November 21, 2010

It Still Smells Here

I'm still completely exhausted. I was off today and after reading the paper and taking care of the dog I used most of the rest of my time for sleeping.

Chloe seems to be doing a little better but progress is very slow for her. Yesterday I moved all the furniture and mopped the floors in the kitchen and back room. First she decided she had waited long enough and laid down on the wet floor. Shortly after that she peed and made a giant puddle on the clean floor. When I'm not at work I am the dogs servant, opening the door for her every twenty minutes so she can pee again. She does seem to be peeing less, and has a bit more energy, and she is eating a little more. It's just going so slow I am still worried.

UPDATE: When I turned on the computer my husband had just come back from walking the dog. While I was writing this she went into the living room (the carpeted living room) and peed. Aaargh!


  1. Are Doggie Didies in order? I'm sorry you are having so many troubles, dear one.

    Please consider yourself hugged...And Chloe, too.

    ~Mother Connie

  2. Only the thought of having to give her a bath to wash her thick fur after each diaper change has kept me from bringing home a bag of depends.

  3. It's so hard to deal with health problems in a family member, whether it's a pet or a person. A pet can't really tell you what it's feeling, so that certainly makes it harder, too.

    One of my two dogs died yesterday. She had been seemingly just fine first thing in the morning, and two hours later I was rushing her to the emergency clinic. The onset of illness and then death was swift and devastating.

    I'm not sure if I'd have been able to deal with a lingering decline like you are doing, but I can say that I'm having a very hard time dealing with the sudden loss. She was my favorite of the two dogs, as harsh as that may sound.

    Maybe the doggie diapers will work for her and make it more likely you'll enjoy these last weeks or months with her.

  4. Windycitygal, mere words cannot sooth the sorrow felt at the passing of a loved one. I'm so sorry.