Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Still Standing

I was doing so good with this blogging thing, and then I had a bad week, or um week and a half actually. I was called in last week for one of my days off and stayed late for a few others. After giving most of my energy to the job, the housework is piling up. I'm just too deeply exhausted at the end of the day to come up with anything interesting or positive to write about. I haven't even logged on at all most days. Hope everyone is still out there.

I did pop in to read my e-mails this week-end and found that Connie had picked my blog to receive a (giggle) Stylish Award. Now in addition to all my catch up posts I have to write a post about this and find (narrow down to) fifteen other blogs to pass this on to. Gee thanks for the extra work, Connie. Just kidding, I am truly honored. Just forgive me if I officially accept in a few more days.

Mother Connie Sez

I helped my son purchase a car so he could receive his promotion. He is now third key in the pet food store where he has been working. They held the position for him until he had a car because they didn't want him riding to the bank at night with deposits on his bicycle. I didn't want him doing that either. He's catching up financially, and I think he'll do much better.

A few days ago I picked up insulin for Chloe. We do this every week and a half. The very next day she stared refusing to eat, and she started drinking a lot, and peeing uncontrollably all over...everywhere. Today we took her to the vet. Every time she gets sick like this I cry and worry and bring her in thinking it might be the last visit, then the vet does something miraculous and she comes home. She had an x-ray and a shot. She has so much going wrong, but she is very tough and still finds joy in her life. I don't think it's time yet.

The doctor needed pee to check while were there. He asked if we could collect it for him. I thought since my home now smells like a public urinal in a busy city bus station it would be easy to get but of course my husband had just walked her. We gave her a bowl of water and then took her out. The theory was we were supposed to walk her and when she squatted to pee one of us had to hold a clear plastic tray under her to catch the drippings. Guess who got to hold the pee tray? So my husband walked her and I followed behind with my little tray poised and ready. She would start to squat and then change her mind, or worse she would start to squat and the my husband would say "Nope it's poop!" and I would jump back and try to hold the pee tray steady so I didn't spill what little I had collected so far on myself. Well I can add that experience onto the list of things I never imagined myself doing. I can put a check next to followed blind dog in busy parking lot with pee tray.

She is on medications to fight several infections, and we have to give her more insulin now. She was used to the shots but now she seems to be frustrated with the whole ordeal and wiggles and complains every morning and night when it is time for a shot.

When my husbands income dropped to one third we made the difficult decision not to have cancer surgery for her. She has breast cancer and cancer polyps in her ears. My son told me several of his customers had elderly dogs with the same health issues and they died within months of the trauma of surgery so I feel a bit better about that decision. The doctor today said at her age it is an understandable decision and that could very well be the case if we did opt for surgery. It was good to hear because I was feeling all sorts of guilt for not having surgery. She had surgery for cancer on her arm several years ago so it is probably incurable with surgery anyway. If she makes it to February she will be thirteen. I hope she does well, I just don't want her to suffer.


  1. My little bichon was diagnosed with diabetes this past Saturday. I am scared! She will be 10 in January.

  2. It cost us $400 so far. I am out of work for 15 months now, but I am not wanting to let her go even though she has other medical problems too. (luxating pattella and heart murmer). It so hard to watch your babies go downhill.

  3. Anonymous, bichons are so cute! It is scary to get that diagnosis, but with regular treatment blood sugar can be regulated. I think Chloe has had diabetes for about two years now. I've read of them surviving for several years. Good luck with your pets health and finances. I know how hard it can be to part with meager savings when money is already tight.

  4. My brother's doberman has been diabetic for 4 years now, the insulin works good, his hardest part is not giving her snacks! Best of luck to you.

  5. Oh, sweetie, I did not mean to foist a hardship on you. And I'm so sorry about your Chloe's issues.

    I have some cheap remedies for puppy dogs in mind; I'll email you later.

    Hang tough, babycakes. Trying times make for good character. Doesn't make it easier to bear the burden but having character is a good thing...

    Mother Connie

  6. Diane, thank you. It's good to hear your brothers dog is doing well on his medication for four years.

  7. Connie, no hardship added at all. :)

    Gee I must have a lot of character...

  8. I'm still out here! And glad to see you back - I've been wondering how things were going. I'm so sorry to hear about Chloe's issues, and I hope you're able to make her more comfortable.

    Congrats on your award, and I'm so happy to hear about your son's promotion.

  9. Thank you Sherry, glad you're still here. :)