Monday, March 8, 2010

And How Was Your Day?

Today was my first Sunday off ever, and since Sunday is my husbands only day off we decided to do something. We kept discussing our day. "We can drive to the beach, or go to a nature trail." or "We can go have dinner and see a movie." We were both very excited to have a day off together. We woke up and while I made breakfast for the dog my husband drove my daughter to work. He then came back home and drove my son to work. When he came home we were still yawning and feeling drained from the past week. It's not that we are lazy or ill or anything, but we sat down and fell instantly asleep and slept til noon. The work schedules and coordinating all the rides to jobs are wearing on us. I know we needed the rest but it ruined our plans. We keep pushing ourselves for these jobs and earning a living just to survive, and we miss out on stopping to enjoy our lives sometimes. I don't mean to moan all the time, this is just my way of shedding more light on what it is like sometimes for the working poor. There are times when the budget is gloomy. There are less choices out there for work due to the economy so we feel stuck right now.

All was not lost, we did have dinner out and and some time for ourselves. We also tackled the unglamorous chore of grocery shopping together. For the record, we spent $61.59, and saved $79.04 ($26.20 of which was coupon savings.) We arrived home with five large reusable grocery store bags filled to overflowing. We will ride out this recession and keep these skills when times are better.


  1. "We will ride out this recession and keep these skills when times are better."

    I like that a lot.

  2. Do you guys have an Aldi's near you? I love that store, it has saved me hundreds (a teen and a pre teen boy at home and their friends) on groceries.

  3. April, thank you.

    Shoesring Budget Travel Gal, We would have to drive to another county for an Aldi's. I've had several coworkers tell me about it though. I stick with the two grocery stores that are within a five minute drive from my house.