Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rainy Days and Impatience

Today it is raining and my area is under a tornado watch. At one point it was if a solid wall of rain was coming down. It sounded like hale but when I went outside I didn't see any on the ground. On days like these, with the steady rain and cloud cover, I only want to stay in bed with the dog and relax and nap. It is difficult to drag myself to work any day but rainy days are particularly difficult.

With extra hours here lately there is so much to do at home. I feel as if I can never catch up on everything. It seems as if I get really far into a project and then get called in to work and then several days later I am right back where I started. I cleared out half a bookcase and have a large stack to donate. The other half is staring at me but I have to get to work. I have a basket of clothes from yesterday! I forgot to put them away. Tucked into a corner on a chair, they will just have to wait until tonight.

One thing my husband and I committed to the other night was clearing out more of our possessions. It was something we were already working on. We've already made a few hundred off of yard sales and donated several carloads but we want to go further. We have moving goals and travel goals and want to significantly lighten our load. This is a long messy process. There are closets to empty and boxes to go through and it just takes so much time. Add in jobs and regular household chores and dog care. I'm further exhausted just thinking about it. My problem is impatience and wanting everything to happen instantly.

We were at the laundromat yesterday and there were two ads on the bulletin board from house cleaners and I so wished I had a little more income to afford this. With my freed up time I could pursue more education, or better this site, or get ready to move and do a job search in a new area. I am so impatient but my time and energy are not infinite.

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