Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Contentment Found

Today my husband and I visited a beautiful state park on a river. We wandered the trails, looked over the water, and took the time to just sit at a picnic table watching the birds forage for food in the underbrush. We also made time to discuss our hopes and dreams and renew our commitment to make some changes in our lives. We've both been so intent on survival lately that we have been doing just that. We have not taken the time to stop and have any enjoyment at all. Days off are spent running errands, or cleaning, or running back to work when our jobs call. It has been wearing on us.

After today I feel renewed and excited. We've already set a date for next week to visit another park that we haven't been to in decades. It will be interesting to see how it has changed. I can't wait.

No matter who you are or how many responsibilities you may have, you have to take a few moments as often as you can to pursue joy or else it all really isn't worth anything. You may have a healthy bank account and a high powered job, or no money at all and a draining job, but either way you must do something you enjoy, and spare a few moments to reflect or meditate.

Here's hoping everyone out there finds joy in their lives every day!


  1. WP: Gorgeous, beautiful post. You knocked the ball out of the park (baseball, not nature!) with this one. Thank you for reminding me to stop and reflect.