Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Personal Money Trap (and I wouldn't have it any other way)

It's time I confessed where every spare penny of mine goes. This is why I never receive health care and we do not vacation. I earn a low wage as does my husband. We are frugal so we are able to survive. Bills are as low as possible and we are careful with every cent. I don't drink and gamble every spare penny away. We are caretakers to an aging lady who has been with us since the kids were little. We get medical treatments for her and not ourselves. A few years ago I had to sell my van to afford her cancer surgery. Now that she has diabetes we have to buy special groceries for her and the needles and insulin are expensive for us on our income. When she does pass we will be heartbroken.

I've read many people don't believe the poor should have pets. I disagree, having a pet teaches children responsibility and gives them something to nurture. It also gives all family members something to look forward to coming home to. Chloe has definitely provided us with years of companionship and love. It was worth the financial hardship we are experiencing now.

When she was diagnosed with diabetes I read everything I could on the disease and treatments. One book was all about natural foods and how all dog foods are made with corn which turns to sugars in the bloodstream. We quit buying dog food immediately. Now each morning we cook old fashioned oatmeal for her and sprinkle it with cinnamon because it lowers blood sugar. Sometimes she gets scrambled eggs and a slice of double fiber wheat toast. We buy canned meats for her because they are a convenient and quick protein. We buy canned chicken, kippers, and sardines. Sometimes she gets vienna sausages for a treat but you have to be careful which brand you buy because most are made with corn syrup. We have been known to give our dog steamed fish and brussel sprouts. When we rarely grill steaks we make sure she gets one too. It us very expensive to feed a dog this way but we are keeping her alive.

The doctor was very surprised when we brought Chloe in for her blood check and we had lowered the blood sugar almost all the way where it should be by diet alone. She said they usually recommend a special dog food but whatever I was doing I should continue. She still needs an insulin shot every morning and night. She is also completely blind and lost most of her weight early on in the disease. It is so hard to watch her age so rapidly but she still seems to enjoy her life so we will continue to do what is necessary for her.

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  1. Nice to see someone else spoil their baby like I do. My pets get a plate when we have dinner. They eat their crunchy dog food too but they get their plates too.

    We just had a cat pass from CRF. We tested his twin sister (litter mate) since he was very young (7 yrs old). They said she didnt have CRF but has FIV. We were thrilled. The vet LOOKED at us like "what" but we were happy she didnt have to be put to sleep, Flairs CRF was Stage 4 the worst, and he was in pain so we put him to sleep. Piper is FIV+ but she has a good life, we dont have fights here that draw blood so shes ok. They told us we could give her meds that may or may not help but she was born with it and has had it 7 yrs with no symptons so we just make sure shes healthy by monitoring her.